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Emotional Connection: Meet the Team 2

Within the newly re-launched GE pages, there are some incredibly powerful videos involving the employees.

The first video shows the aviation team being taken to see the engines they have built, in a plane and watch it take off.

The second shows the health care team who build machines that detect the early stages of cancer, meet cancer survivors.

The reason these videos are so powerful is due to the authentic nature of them. They demonstrate the pride the employees have about working for GE and the importance of the jobs they do and the products the company makes.

We like it because of the emotional connection they create. These videos, along with the employee profiles, create a positive lasting impression with the visitor. They demonstrate not only about how employees feel about the company, but also how GE values its employees and the importance of the products they make.

GE – breast cancer
GE – moving aeroplane engines

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