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Customers Targeted via Email Marketing

How do you reach your customers for your business? What methods do you use to market your products or services to them? Do you use a mix of traditional methods plus web-savvy strategies? The Internet has grown to such a capacity that email marketing has now become a more preferred method of targeting and reaching customers about your service. No, it’s not spammy, only if you don’t know how to send a targeted email.

But, what better way to reach today’s savvy online peruser than in email? I for one simply love the convenience and flexibility that comes with being able to check my email and send a text from my fingertips within minutes. Today’s online trafficker needs something that will work on their schedule and during their flexible and convenient times.

I have signed up (and still do) for several online customer shopping alerts for the things and consumables that interest me:

  1. children’s clothing sales
  2. information on asthma, and asthma-related illness (my 5 year old suffers with it)
  3. marketing (business)
  4. media (business)
  5. professional speaking (business)

…and the list goes on and on. There are so many alerts and email subscriptions that I have created folders to help me keep them all straight! Online consumers want information that is readily available, interesting, engaging, insightful and ready. This is what drives the Internet and makes it so wonderfully enticing. The readiness of information can spoil one so to the point that we actually become impatient when our browser takes longer than 5 seconds to load!

ExactTarget and Pier 1 are targeting companies via an email campaign that is sure to get lots of hits if not inquisitive visitors. But, they’re not so novel in their approach, right? Of course not. Email marketing has been around and has become popular for quite some time. But what ExactTarget and Pier 1 are doing that catches one’s attention is the tag-team marketing efforts.

Again, not so novel, but just think about the potential that your company could have from dual team or triple team efforts in your marketing campaign. Although corporations generally do not do much marketing in terms of flash, they do still look for ways to get their message out. Teaming up with other businesses or even individuals who complement what you’re doing can actually be beneficial.

What services do you offer that would or could complement other businesses? How conducive is your corporation to co-marketing or targeting a particular niche market? Would it work for you? Why or why not?

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Bridget Wright

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I am a freelance writer, blogger and professional motivational speaker. I primarily focus on business content, offering my clients strategic marketing strategies for their businesses. I have been an entrepreneur for over 13 years, after having worked extensively in corporate America.

Hello Bridget,

Well said

I feel it should be a combination of fingertips text then marketing mail

Will make you different from other if your product is interesting

Email marketing is quite effective in lead generation. i made a couple of affiliate sales by email marketing alone;..

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