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Creative Corporate Governance: Petrobras

I am continually impressed with Corporate Governance practices of non-USA companies. Maybe this is due to my Yankee mindset that promotes thinking that the USA does things best. Well we don’t.

I found a Brazilian company that received high ratings from a consulting company Management and Excellence. The company is Petrobras a oil and gas exploration and production, refining, and distribution company. The Governance section has an innovative and all encompassing display of  their practices.

You simply click on the text on the graphic and you get an expanded explanation (not a PDF). This one of the best organization of Governance information that I have seen.

There are more unique features such as —

This is an open space where you can send in suggestions, discuss problems, complaints, or make any kind of inquiry. By navigating on this page you may learn more about the Ombuds office, its role, know who is Guta, our Ombudsman.

  • A Market Consensus section where Rating Agencies and Stock Analysts reviews are clearly displayed.

Anyone who has an interest in Corporate Governance must visit this site. There is much to be learned.
A final observation — Petrobras has a useful navigation bar —

This appears on every page and allows easy navigation throughout this content rich website.

Trabalho bom Petrobras.

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