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Slaying the Dragons: Social Media in a Corporate Context

Are you worried about wild beasts lurking in the thickets of social media?

Here be dragons

Some companies seem to have been waiting behind the defensive walls of their own territory for the all-clear, before venturing out into the wilder reaches of social media. There be dragons!

Exploration can be unnerving, and sometimes it can be difficult to know which path to follow, but luckily there are some experienced guides around – and here’s one way of following them.

Communicate magazine staged their first Social Media in a Corporate Context conference back last June, and so naturally it’s high time for another. I thoroughly enjoyed the last one, and this one looks just as interesting. The theme is:

“How to Use Social Media Strategy and Web 2.0 Tools to Engage all Your Audiences”

And that is, surely, what we all want to know – because it isn’t an easy task.

Some companies are doing a great job at this; others are looking to learn from those pioneers who have broken a trail (sometimes by acquiring some painful blisters) for others to follow. It’s never easy to learn in public – and social media is very public indeed.

If you’ve not set foot on the trail yet, and are rather anxious about the dangers lurking in the trees, here’s an opportunity to learn from some experienced guides.

Once again, Communicate have put together an impressive list of communicators from across the patch: public and private, internal and external, corporates and agencies. These people are out there hacking down the brambles and clearing the paths – and they’ll be talking about topics spanning the corporate interests: the media site, the investor relations site, corporate blogging, managing social media, internal communications and technologies.

Right up our street in fact – are you surprised I’d think this was fascinating stuff?

Book this week for a double discount

Make a note in your diary: 28 April, at Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge in London.

We’re delighted to be involved with the Social Media in a Corporate Context conference, and we’ve negotiated an additional £50 discount over and above the early bird discount for friends of Corporate Eye (that’s you!). Just so you know, the early bird discount ends 1 April.

To book your place, call Felicity Stewart on 020 7498 7008 or email quoting reference number 606.

More details available here, including the programme and summary video from last year – speaker biographies will be going up later this week.

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