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Corporate Governance – Sites Of Interest

There is a vast amount of information, commentaries and reports on Corporate Governance. Some good and some questionable. To help sort through this morass, I have selected some websites that provide valuable information.

First is an old but still relevant standby.

By current standards the “look and feel” is dated, but not the content. If you could only have one site on Corporate Governance this is it. Think of it as the “CEO Express” of Corporate governance, little unique content but very well organized and comprehensive set of links to good information.

A recently launched site is FierceSarbox.

This site’s key advantage is news. If you want to keep up on current issues, this site is worth a visit. There are some whitepapers but they are mixed in on its sister site FierceFinance. This is a commercial site so expect ads.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers UK based Corporate Reporting site

Be sure to view their Best Practices Report. As can be expected of PWC, there is lots of good information. Registration required for some items but worth it.

Additional sites —

Finally share your best Corporate Governance site findings and share them with your colleagues.

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