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Corporate Eye Summary November 27, 2010

  • Willpower and Corporate Communications Success
    I invited Graham W Price, a chartered psychologist and coach, to write a guest post for us, discussing ways to help us each reach our business goals.
    How to boost your willpower to make your corporate communications succeed

    The best laid plans of mice and men… we all know the saying and the chances are we’ve uttered […]

  • 10 Big Buzz Brands of 2010 for American Consumers
    Which brands generated a big buzz online and offline this year and how did they do it?  I compiled a list of 10 of the biggest buzz brands in the United States during 2010 to get an idea of what got people talking and sharing this year. These brands are in no particular order — […]

  • Google Previews Your Corporate Site
    Have you noticed Google’s “instant preview” feature?
    If you run a Google search for your company, you should see at least one result; ideally, you’ll see several pages from your site. Each will have a small magnifying glass to the right hand side… if you click that, you’ll see a thumbnail snapshot of the page.
    Does […]

  • Brand Buzz Influences Perception as Holiday Shopping Begins
    The biggest shopping days of the holiday season are coming, and retail brands are fighting for attention, wallets, and buzz.  YouGov has been tracking brand perceptions among an audience of 1.5 million consumers of which the organization surveys 5,000 people daily. A recent study was designed to learn how women with children under the age […]

  • Sustainability, Brittany and Corporate Greed
    Once upon a time there were three little piggies, and their names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter.  And they lived with their crotchety old grandmother underneath the mushroom at the bottom of your neighbour’s garden.
    Well, as the start to a fairy tale it has some merit, even if it lacks a certain originality.  Still, […]

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