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Corporate Eye Summary November 20, 2010

  • The Effects of Corporate Blog Marketing
    In today’s current business climate, many companies are opting to find smarter and more frugal methods of marketing, and forgoing the mistaken idea that corporations have to spend a lot of money on their marketing ideas. Although frugal does not equate to “cheap” or “poor quality”, it does require that the company be creative and […]

  • The Board’s Role In Strategic Planning Redux
    The NYSE published recommendations on directors’ role in business strategy. Some companies are ahead of the curve.

  • Brands Try Stickybits for Creative Promotions through Mobile Apps
    Mobile marketing is so hot right now that every brand should be looking at how to integrate mobile into its marketing plan, particularly using mobile apps to drive consumer engagement with brands.  Stickybits is gaining traction among leading brands as a mobile app that can do exactly that.
    When people download the newest version of the […]

  • It Ain’t Whatcha Do, It’s The Way That You Do It…
    .. and that’s what gets results!
    This may seem a little trite for a business sustainability and CSR blog.  After all, thinking about your business’ effects beyond the simple commercial supply of product or services is the very definition of sustainability.  However, a particularly pertinent example surfaced last week.
    Archimedes Pharma is (according to their website) an […]

  • Li and Fung — Corporate Governance On One Page
    During my online journeys I’ve visited some interesting Corporate Governance sites. I found that too often I make quick judgments and that I need to take more time to assess the attributes of a visited site.
    This was put in play when I observed the Corporate Governance page of Li & Fung Ltd an export […]

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