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Corporate Eye Summary November 13, 2010

  • Facebook Dominates Display Advertising Impressions
    In a new report from comScore, data for the third quarter of 2010 shows that Facebook serves twice as many display ad impressions to the U.S. Internet audience as the next closest display ad publisher, Yahoo! sites.
    These statistics are quite different from first quarter 2010 data, which showed Facebook with just a 16.1% share of […]

  • The Importance of Internal Brand Advocates
    One of the concepts I teach in my books and at speaking engagements when I’m asked to talk about branding is the importance of creating internal brand advocates and giving them the freedom to talk about the brand they love and believe in.  Your employees are your most powerful brand advocates.  If they don’t believe […]

  • Mandatory sustainability measures: a digest
    Like spring follows autumn or cats pounce on mice (even under the snow!), now seems to be the season for people to discuss mandatory supra-national reporting standards.  Without going into too much detail, here is a selection of last week’s activity for you to peruse at your leisure.
    EU may legislate on corporate, social and environmental […]

  • Economies of Scale: Small Business Resources for Big Business Ideas
    I usually make time to watch MSNBC’s early morning weekend show Your Business.  And just about every week, I see something interesting and think “I should blog about that”—but then I think . . . small biz/SOHO/entrepreneurial ideas aren’t very relevant for a corporate audience.
    Now that I’ve turned it over in my mind several times, […]

  • Corporate Eye Summary November 6, 2010
    Keeping Yahoo! Brand Value Alive
    I read an interesting article about Yahoo! last week on BrandWeek that asked various business experts to weigh in on whether or not new leadership is the band-aid needed to bring the company back to its former position of strength.  The responses were all fairly similar and match my own feelings […]

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