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Corporate Eye Summary May 7, 2011

  • Accounting for Sustainability | A Lost Jewel?
    What does December 6th 2006 mean to you?  Is it that it’s the anniversary of the independence of Finland from Russia, or Eire from the UK? Or is it some event which happened on that specific date: NASA declaring that it had evidence of liquid water on the surface of Mars, or the election of […]

  • Google Advertises Chrome on TV in Biggest Offline Marketing Investment Ever
    You might think it’s strange that one of the biggest internet brands is advertising its web browser product in television commercials, but in actuality, it’s a perfect example of how important integrated marketing is for all businesses — even the biggest web company. In a new series of commercials, Google tries to connect its Chrome […]

  • Whole Investor Relations – Allowing Your Company’s Culture to Show
    I recently had the pleasure of speaking to the Austin chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute about the intersection between academic theory as taught in business school and the real life practice of investor relations. It is perhaps my favorite topic to speak about. I am fully convinced that there are quite a number […]

  • SEO for Brand Facebook Pages and Twitter Profiles Lacking
    New research from BrightEdge Technologies reveals that the vast majority of branded Facebook pages and Twitter profiles do not appear in the top Google results for keyword searches on the corresponding brand names. More specifically, BrightEdge analyzed the top 200 brands in the world and found that nearly 100% own the top Google search result […]

  • Corporate Eye Summary April 30, 2011
    Not A Royal Wedding Post You didn’t think you’d get away without a Royal Wedding post, did you? Anyone who’s spent any part of the last couple of weeks awake, here in the UK, is well aware that a young couple are getting married today. It is rare that an event is of such significance […]

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