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Corporate Eye Summary May 21, 2011

  • How Gender Affects Color Marketing and Branding
    Earlier this week, I wrote a post about an infographic that visually displays a great deal of information about how color affects purchase decisions.  Today, I want to share another infographic, which was created by the same company, KissMetrics. This infographic visually displays color preferences by gender and how the color and gender relationship affects […]

  • How Colors Affect Consumer Purchases – Get the Stats
    I’ve written about color marketing theory and how color affects brands and purchase decisions before on the Corporate Eye blog. It’s a topic that I find fascinating. This week, I stumbled across a great infographic created by KissMetrics last year that puts color marketing theory into perspective based on real world statistics. Everyone loves infographics, […]

  • Corporate Eye Summary May 14, 2011
    The Numbers Behind Social Checkins and Location-Based Mobile Apps Creating branded mobile apps is the hot topic for companies of all sizes, and incorporating social aspects into mobile marketing campaigns is just as hot. It seems like every brand is trying to find out how to engage with consumers who are on the move using […]

  • QR Code Scanning Skyrockets up 4549 Percent in Q1 2011
    Are you using QR codes in your marketing programs yet (see the explanation at the end of this post if you’re not familiar with QR codes)? If new research from Mobio Identity Systems is accurate, then you can probably assume that your customers are scanning QR codes already. The Mobio study reports that QR code […]

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