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Corporate Eye Summary December 4, 2010

  • What Makes for Effective Investor Relations Sites? Part 31: Annual General Meetings
    Companies are of two minds about Annual General Meetings of Shareholders; some view them as a necessary evil to be dispensed with as quickly and with as little fanfare as possible; others see it as an opportunity to reach out to their owners and present the Board and management in the best possible light while […]

  • Fresh Ideas for Your Corporate Blog
    A guest post from Barbara Jolie on keeping your corporate blog fresh and interesting.
    Corporate blogs can get a little stagnant, but not if you approach them from a fresh angle from time to time. In writing this, I realize that corporate communications professionals are often given a very limited scope from which to write. Some […]

  • FTC’s Wants ‘Do Not Track’ List for Online Advertising
    Online behavioral targeting might be in danger for marketers if a new U.S. Federal Trade Commission proposal comes to fruition.  As Internet users lose more of their privacy every day with every click being tracked for behavioral marketing purposes, the FTC is considering implementing a Do Not Track list similar to the immensely popular Do […]

  • Whoever Gets Their Positioning Right Wins a Prize: Survival (And Even Profit)
    I recently invited Karen Jones from BioEngagement to write a guest post for us about how best to position new technologies. Over to you, Karen!
    Let’s say you have a new technology platform to sell. Should you describe it as “new and never been done before”, or “just like those other guys, but better”?
    Positioning: Create […]

  • Big Shift in Holiday Brand Advertising Spending
    Holiday marketing and advertising budgets for retailers are staying relatively flat this year, but that money won’t be spent the same way it has been in prior years.  2010 holiday advertising budgets will be spread in new ways to match the changing behaviors of consumers.
    According to the BDO Retail Compass Survey, fewer companies are cutting […]

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