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Corporate Eye Summary December 25, 2010

  • Catchwords of 2010 Include Brand Names
    Brand naming company Catchwords put together a visual representation of the catchwords that dominated American culture in 2010.  The company compiled the names and words that defined 2010 both positively and negatively and put them together in the graphic shown below.

    I’d be curious to learn how Catchword determined which words and phrases made it on […]

  • Important Technological Innovations for Enterprise
    Continuing our intermittent series of guest posts which I hope you’ll find interesting, we have a post from Joshua Bitton by Echosign about new technology’s significance to enterprise.
    If it seems like you can’t run a business nowadays without Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, or Google CEO Eric Schmidt breathing down your neck, well, it’s because you […]

  • 20 Must-Read Branding Articles of 2010
    2010 has nearly reached its end, so it seems to be an appropriate time for a 2010 branding recap. Following are links to 20 must-read branding articles that I published here on the Corporate Eye blog in 2010.  You can use the concepts, trends, and theories discussed in these articles as you develop your marketing […]

  • What Makes for Effective Investor Relations Sites? Part 32: Governance
    It’s hard to know where the boundary of investor relations activities ends and that of corporate governance starts up. Many of the things each area is concerned with tend to overlap. It is the investors (shareholders) who vote upon management that runs the company and major decisions such as mergers and changes to a company’s […]

  • Corporate Eye Summary December 18, 2010
    JCPenney’s Becomes First Retailer to Open Complete Store on Facebook
    This week marked the start of what will undoubtedly become a new marketing distribution trend when retailer JCPenney opened a complete store within Facebook.  For Facebook users who are accustomed to communicating with friends and publishing and sharing content, they can now browse and buy clothes, […]

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