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Corporate Eye Summary April 2, 2011

  • What Makes for Effective Investor Relations Sites? Part 42: Periodically Hit the Refresh Button
    Every now and again, something happens that drives home to me generational differences. Usually, I wind up feeling really old when they occur, and just as usually it is my children that make me feel that way. And trust me, they are merciless in reminding me that I am no longer the slim, dark haired […]

  • Twitter Audience Is Fragmented and Led by a Small Group of Power Users
    New research from Yahoo! about Twitter tells us a bit more about the evolution of Twitter usage and confirms some facts we already knew. It’s not a surprise that a small number of Twitter users are responsible for the most consumed tweets. The Yahoo! study, “Who Says What to Whom on Twitter,” reports that 0.05% […]

  • 5 Steps for Greater Brand Focus and Long-term Growth
    The strongest brands are highly focused. Consumers know exactly what the most focused brands promise to them the second they hear those brand names. These are the brands that offer a sense of security and stability to consumers which lead to brand loyalty and long-term brand growth. However, making sure your brand stays focused over […]

  • Corporate Character: Interviewing Professor Gary Davies
    If your company were a person, who would it be? Are you seen as ruthless, and is that good or bad? What is your corporate level of machismo? Such questions are often used as part of branding exercises. At Manchester Business School, Professor Gary Davies and his team have taken this further, and devised their […]

  • Corporate Eye Summary March 26, 2011
    Thinking Socially: Convincing the CEO I invited Gregory Shumchenia of Modern Pigeon to write a guest post for us – do take a moment to visit his site. Greg started out five years ago as a photographer and just began offering marketing and social media services. He loves the outdoors and will never eat canned […]

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