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corporate eye 500 postsCorporate Eye reaches a mini-milestone; this is our 500th post.

To celebrate, I’ve identified the most popular posts over the last year in each of our main areas of interest.

Curiously, these aren’t the posts that I would have expected to have received the most traffic – and, given the power of Google, the longer the posts have been on our site, the more visits they’ve received, so the newer posts may prove to be more popular in the long run – nevertheless, these posts have been your favourites …

They cover a very wide range of topics, from the need to write a brand statement, through the use of Excel to provide more information for your investors, to corporate blogging, and from accessibility to the uses of social media. The current financial climate has spurred a lot of interest in our posts on ethics and corporate governance; and corporate responsibility is an increasingly popular topic for discussion as the level of concern about responsibility rises.

We hope we’re providing posts that you find interesting and useful. If there are other topics you’d like us to cover, please let us know by commenting or by email – in the meantime, I’m sure there’ll be something in this list that you haven’t seen.


5 factors of brand positioning
Write a brand statement
The rise of comparative advertising
Word of mouth marketing
Interbrand announces the 100 best global brands for 2008


Sustainable energy: flash games lead the way
FTSE100 companies and the breadline
CSR doesn’t pay: a response
Why sustainable businesses need to fight corruption/
Banks demonstrate a casual approach to sustainability


Tata Group: a company that lives integrity
The financial crisis + recession (usually) ends in layoffs
Watch movies and learn leadership
The financial crisis and ethics
Ethics and executive compensation


CEOs and managers take note: Obama knows how to get re-elected
The case of shrinking consumables
The advantages of social networking for corporate blogs
5 ways to market your company on YouTube
Proctor and Gamble realise the mommy strategy


The Investor Relations landing page

Investor Relations: objectives and measurement in 2009
Improving Investor Relations data offerings with Excel
Investor Relations branches out
Who is your Investor Relations site for?


Applying SWOT analysis to recruitment
Conveying corporate culture – do I want to work here?
Back to basics
What is employer branding?
Using networking to target graduates

Whole Site

Corporate websites and accessibility
On harsh truths and the corporate website
Website branding and usability
Favicons: mini branding opportunities
13 recommendations to help retail customers find your outlets

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