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Corporate Ethics and the Corporate Website


In my post on Ethics, I mentioned that I would provide more posts on Corporate Ethics.

One company that understands the importance of Corporate Ethics is an energy-based holding company — Pacific Gas and Electric.

First they follow one of our guidelines for reporting ethics on corporate websites: ethics is prominently displayed in their About Us section (see image, below)

In PC&E’s online Code Of Conduct, the company displays their Core Values, and the first is —

We act with integrity and communicate honestly and openly:

  • Act ethically and with integrity
  • Deal with people and issues openly, directly and respectfully
  • Take actions that are consistent with words
  • Do the right thing even if unpopular or risky

Placing Ethics at the top of Core Values is a subtle but telling indicator that PG&E is serious about Ethics. There is also a note from the CEO to employees that reinforces ethical behavior.

Yet another item that distinguishes  PG&E from other companies is this checklist offered to employees —

Compliance and Ethics Decision-Making Checklist

When faced with a business decision for which there’s no set policy or clear course of action, use the Core Values … and your own good judgment to determine the best approach. In addition, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I feel comfortable with my decision?
  • Could I explain it to my parents or children?
  • How would it look in a newspaper?
  • Have I made a decision that is fair and just?
  • Have I verified the significant facts?
  • If I’m not sure, have I asked?
  • Have I determined if it’s legal and within policy?

Brilliant: this straight forward, easily understood checklist captures the essence of ethical decision-making.

PGE Ethics

In addition to Core Values and the Checklist, the company offers a comprehensive menu of references to guide ethical practices —

Finally, the company recognizes that the Board of Directors face more complex decisions so it offers a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Directors.

Kudos to PG&G for going well beyond a Code of Ethics and guiding its decision making via a well thought out Ethics Compliance Program – and for demonstrating this via the website.

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