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Corporate Blogs, Watch What You Say: Stifling the Corporate Voice

In the throes of a social media and social networking online business world, we all know the importance of watching what you say and to whom you say it. It is as immediate as your keyboard the things you say and how quickly they can appear with your name attached.

Places like Twitter and Facebook are veritable breeding grounds for wayward opinions and thoughts on the status of business. There are many websites, blogs and blog authors who very readily and willingly share their opinions on how things are and how they should be as they see it. Within these aspects of opinions lie a relative truth and how things really are. There is so much room for things to become jumbled, misunderstood and even conveyed incorrectly.

Who is then responsible for this misinformation?

Who is then responsible for the information that the readers take and use according to directions?

As a corporation, do you have in place any safeguards to ensure that the information that you are sharing with your readers is correct, accurate and pertinent?

In many online sectors, there is a stifling of sorts to keep at bay any unbridled or wayward opinions that may damage the company. Take a look at this article about how one company must watch their Twits or suffer at the hands of the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission). If all of our Twits, wall posts and links are going to be saturated with politically-correct lingo and verbiage, where then is the true spirit of good journalism and fair reporting? If all of our online discourses have to pass a “test”, how will readers know what is and what isn’t good stuff? Are we to be bought or stifled at the expense of being fair or worse, borderline?

What do you think is the place for corporate stifling? Does it even have a place in our online community?

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Bridget Wright

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