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Cookies for Lunch

Recently I was invited to participate in a round table discussion over lunch at UKFast, talking about cookies and the ‘cookie law’. Other participants were Steve Kuncewicz from, Garry Byrne from Reading Room and Mark Steven from Civic UK.

We were pretty much in agreement about the implementation issues around the cookie law, but still managed to discuss them for an hour or so—we covered a lot of ground, but in particular we discussed:

  • the need for education in this area: not only of website owners who are responsible for making changes, but also of the general public, who don’t, on the whole, understand what cookies are, or what they do.
  • the best approach for website owners to take at this point. We were meeting in the week before the deadline, that is, before the most recent change in advice from the ICO, but our views still hold: find out which cookies your site uses and why, and explain this to your website visitors.

See what we said…

Cookie Law Education is Key

Cookie Law What should you do?

Cookie Law Top Tips

Thanks to UKFast for inviting me.

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