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Connect with Your Customers Using the Ozzy Osborne Method

When you are trying to reach your customers through media relations efforts, it is a good idea to be as creative, as out-of-the-box thinking as possible. You want to make a significant enough impact with your customer base so that your business image is not easily forgotten by those who partake of your business. You definitely want to be unforgettable.

Media relations creativity can run the gamut of hokey, wild media stunts to well-thought out, strategic marketing tactics that gets your company noticed, which is, your ultimate goal. Customers react to different marketing strategies.

Samsung performed a classic and highly popular commercial showing the rocker trying to communicate with a fast-food worker, a taxicab driver and a psychologist. He was somewhat unsuccessful, that is, until he started texting his requests to the service people. The commercial is a very good example of just how effective media can be if placed in the right hands of the right people.

The Samsung commercial with Ozzy Osborne is also a classic example of how creative and effective companies can be with their marketing message. Customer relations is marketing relations and marketing relations is media relations. In other words, the media venue is a significant player in how corporations reach customers and maximizing the exposure of their offerings.

Media Creativity

What can you do with your business to spark creativity and make a splash? Here are some suggestions that you can incorporate into your own business to enjoy the Ozzy effect.

1. Be Innovative and Creative in Your Strategy. If you can’t find a celebrity to endorse your product, consider using local celebrities. Community business people, politicians and CEO’s are all good ideas for getting someone who can call attention to your site.

2. Maximize Your Products. Use what products you already market to re-position yourself and your business. Many times, consumers may not “get it” at first, but if you present your product in a different media setting, they may look at your company and your product in a different way as well.

3. Give the Customers What They Want. There’s nothing like having a whole lot of somethings that you can’t sell. Make sure that your media product is more about something that consumers want and less of what you think is cute. In business, the sale of products and services are generally moved by how the customer feels at the time of the transaction.

What can you or your corporation do to get the Ozzy effect in your business? What wild and creative things do you think would work? Does it depend on the industry, the marketing department or the individual?

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