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Conchango: 15 minute site review

Word on the web is that Conchango is to become listed on AIM from 15 January … I thought I’d have a quick look at their site, to see how it’s going.

Conchango and AIM Rule 26

There are a few key elements missing on the site at the moment, that will be necessary to comply with AIM Rule 26 requirements.

No doubt Conchango have a team working away at the moment, bringing the site up to speed by 15 January, but to help anyone else in the same situation I’ve identified some of the missing pieces:

  • names and biographies for the company directors, together with an outline of their responsibilities, and which Board committees they sit on
  • annual reports and accounts, and all interim reports published since the last annual report – or (since this is a new admission) a financial calendar indicating when the first results are due
  • details of the company’s advisors
  • details of the securities issued
  • details of public documents, such as articles of association, company prospectus and admission document
  • identity of significant shareholders
  • a declaration that information is being disclosed in accordance with Rule 26
  • expected market capitalisation on admission to AIM
  • a Rule 26 centre – all required AIM rule 26 information available from a single part of the site.
Conchango press page

Conchango site – general notes

Conchango do provide a variety of blogs (available at, which is great, and a detailed events calendar for training which is entirely up to date – but the most recent press release was dated 5 December, and doesn’t mention the potential listing on AIM. In fact, this isn’t mentioned anywhere on the site …

Conchango retail page

Conchango do have some wonderful case studies available, though these are only available in PDF – regular readers will know that I prefer to see a site available in HTML, with PDF available as an additional means of delivery, not the only one.

A suggestion I would have for them is that on the Our Industry Expertise pages, where the case studies are listed in a scrollbox, that this should become a simple list of links, removing the need for visitors to scroll and to select both the item they are interested in and the Go button.

A minor irritant is the formatting of the site in Firefox, as it doesn’t quite work. On the home page, some of the text overflows the allocated space at a medium size – and on all the other pages, the quote at the bottom right also overflows.

Conchango - example of navigation

Another, more serious issue is the navigational dead-ends. For example, to get to the page in the screenshot (left), I selected one of the related links on the page discussing Operational Efficiency (under What We Deliver in the navigation). I have had to explain in some detail how I got to this page because, on arrival, it was far from clear where I came from. The menu reverted to its folded mode and there is no breadcrumb trail or back button (which some pages do have) to help me retrace my steps. This can be confusing for visitors, or – worse – mean that they miss whole chunks of content.

No doubt the web team for Conchango is working hard to prepare for 15 January; I look forward to seeing the revised site.

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