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Communicating Internet Initiative Japan

Corporate websites should communicate to stakeholders. Some companies understand this clearly.

IIJFor example, Internet Initiative Japan, an information services company, has a link to IIJ Up Close on its homepage.

This is an interesting twist on what is typically an About Us section.

Something that is not normally seen on Corporate Websites is a discussion of the company’s unique strengths. Note this on the upper right. The company provides a concise summary of its competitive advantages —

  • Unsurpassed Technical Capacity
  • A Group of IP Professionals
  • A Base of more than 6,500 Customers
  • Total Support for a Wide Range of Network Solutions

And check the Service History page – littered with Firsts: exactly the kind of thing you’d hope to see in an internet company.

It also provides a visual that clearly shows its position in industries it serves–

IIJ Chart

What a brilliant way to present your case to prospective investors. The skeptic may say that this is a biased display of the companies strengths; well, the copy also displays its Risks. So much so that it uses over 4500 words to describe Risks against less than 500 for describing its Strengths. Hmmm.

And there is still more, visit the Business Overview and see one of the most comprehensive organization charts I have ever seen, too large to display here: Organization Chart

Well done IIJ!

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Ed Konczal has an MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business (with distinction). He has spent the last 10 years as an executive consultant focusing on human resources, leadership, market research, and business planning. Ed has over 10 years of top-level experience from AT&T in the areas of new ventures and business planning. He is co-author of the book "Simple Stories for Leadership Insight," published by University Press of America.