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CEO’s and Managers, Take Note – – Obama Knows How to Get Re-Elected: Talk, Talk, Talk

In this time of economic crisis in the United States, there is worry and concern on the minds of citizens all over with issues ranging from housing and healthcare to education and entertainment. Taxpayers are worried about more than just what is immediately before them, but they are also concerned about the uncertainty of their future. They worry about their children’s education (or the lack thereof of availability), their retirement finances, current employment, securities, etc. And they understandably should be concerned about these things because they are very important.

With so much going on, you would think that the crisis is the only thing that should be on someone’s mind. But no, it is not. Judging from the way that U.S. President Obama has positioned himself and his interactions with the media, he has plans…big plans!

Since U.S. President Obama took office on January 20th (which is a little over 5 weeks), he has given several speeches and addresses to large audiences (including Congress) to update them on the country’s current economic status and plan of action. Can significant changes occur weekly that would really, really warrant an address from the president that often? Surely not. Although while I believe President Obama is extremely capable and qualified for the job, I do think he has another agenda…and that is for re-election. Obama is setting the stage now through the use of speeches, video addresses, forums, commercial-type addresses etc., to ensure that his name and deeds stay in front of the citizens in a positive light. And, when the time comes, they will act on it, remembering the great things that he did, and vote again, allowing him to enjoy four more years of his leadership. Not a bad deal.

CEO’s, managers, owners, leaders, take note! The best way to get your customers to become loyal, repeat customers is to stay in front of them in whatever platform is available. Obama has the luxury and the affordability to engage television media, radio media and even press media. In most cases, small-to-medium online businesses cannot afford these expensive venues and must opt for more lower-cost options. Whether it’s free radio time or sponsored ads on vlogs, they must be creative in how they choose to do their advertising and marketing.

But all is not lost as many online companies are turning to their own resources and employees skills to market their businesses and “become famous.”  There is always the powerful effectiveness of social marketing. Businesses fare well i this arena by staying in customer’s faces at every available opportunity. Do you Twitter? Then Twitter daily and post links to news articles from your site. What about FaceBook or Plaxo? Make sure your company updates the space often and with relevant information. And don’t forget your company’s own blog or vlog. This can be one of the most powerful ways of marketing. Be sure to load frequent addresses from the company’s leadership and managers. This is what impresses customers and keep them coming back. They are interested in what is said, and since you will have their undivided attention, use the opportunity to present information, products or services to them in a non-pressuring manner.

Just as Obama has used the media and is using the media to further his agenda, so can you. Maximize your opportunities to talk to your customers in whatever space is provided for you. Use the media, whether it’s vlogs, blogs, television or radio, to connect with your customers and stay in their minds. If Obama gets re-elected, we’ll know it works. Don’t wait too late to try it for yourself.

Does your company use social networking right now to address customers? Do you think doing this makes a difference, howbeit small, to your buying population, persuading to buy from/with you?

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