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Can They DO That? Tehran Blocks Access to Facebook

When I initially read this article, I had to do a double-take, just to make sure I wasn’t mis-reading it or reading it too fast. So, I read it again and again. Yes, I was reading it right and yes, it said what it said. Access to the Facebook social networking site was being blocked by political figures in Tehran. They blocked visitors access to the site from being able to look at, participate in or read anything that would give the supporters of reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi any advantage in the political decisions that will be made soon. But, can they do that? Really?

First off, to me that screams against the First Amendment, but then again I do live in the United States, so I am taken aback by this action. I mean, if someone tried something like that here in the states, there would be absolute mayhem. But, just because we live in different places, does that make the citizens of Tehran any different from me? I think not!

Facebook is a platform for everyone to voice their opinions (their opinions), share their views, and talk about anything they fancy. Stifling the platform seems to me to be a bit domineering if not just plain wrong, I think. Whether or not the citizens of Tehran agree or disagree with Mir Hossein Mousavi’s point of view, he does reserve the right to not only express them but to have others join in, doesn’t he?

Now, I like the fact that the folks at Facebook aren’t too happy about this either, and neither should they be. I respect the right’s that others have and think too, that people should also enjoy the freedom to express themselves, whether I agree with that expression or not. Do you agree?

And, what is also interestingly peculiar is that this action is only for right now, while elections are going on. Things should be back to normal afterwards. Right now, visitors who try to access his page will get a message that says, “Access Denied.” And people should be alright with that? What do you think? Is it fair or unfair, a matter worth debating or not? I for one would be a very, very unhappy customer if my Facebook whims were blocked or inhibited because of someone else’s issues. Would you? Tell me what you think.

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