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British Petroleum Oil (BP Oil) Gets it Right

Having vision when it comes to foresight in economics is very important, whether you’re in politics, business or even religion. It’s not always about who’s right, but more often about what’s right. And when you get it right…

I frequently get those annoying emails from well-meaning friends and peers, giving digs on Obama and politics. They generally poke fun at what he’s doing or how he’s doing and why he’s doing it. I usually don’t even read them or if I do, I don’t take them seriously. After all, politics is a sensitive subject for many, and discussing it can open a heated and never-ending discussion.

But, what is interesting to me is one of the political views that President Obama had about clean, sustainable energy and how it can affect our future. Most of our energy sources as a nation and around the world is transported in and often directly linked to questionable agencies or organizations with ulterior motives. While the consumer is screaming for better, more cost effective ways of attaining resourceful energy, businesses that deal in this industry are also calling for more cost effective ways of handling it. Of course, this is ultimately important in the corporate sector as well, and I found that BP Oil is one of the responsible corporations and is doing their part to ensure clean energy.

Recently, they’ve constructed a wind farm in the Midwest for gathering and producing clean energy. Criticize them? Forbid! Now while I respect other’s political opinions, I can’t help but laud companies like BP Oil who are doing their part to make sure that we enjoy clean energy. BP’s efforts will do several things:

  • create more jobs
  • increase positive communications between business to business and to consumers
  • provide clean, sustainable energy

No, everything is not great and wonderful when it comes to issues like these, but I think too often we concentrate on the wrong thing or are focused wrong and place too much emphasis on what doesn’t count. What do you think?

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BP has been exploring and researching for clean and sustainable energy. Hope they will soon give 100% of their operation on these types of energies.

I agree. It’s so easy to bash “Big Oil”, but certain companies like BP are really doing their part to move Alternative Energy in the right direction. They won’t blindly invest in technology that does not appear to have commercial viability, but are investing huge amounts in those that are. They seem to have the right balance between conventional Fossil Fuels and Alternative Energy while understanding that conventional fuels are here to stay for quite some time until other alternatives are developed.


what/where is the truthful reference for BP being a responsible corporation?

Hi flying_preacher, and thank you for your comments! I still think that BP is in fact a responsible corporation. How ironic that this post was written one year to the date and how much things have changed for BP in the last few weeks. However, they are taking responsibility for their actions and doing everything that they can to contain this situation. While many may say that it is not enough, as a corporation, they are in fact doing all that they can to stay ahead of MORE problems. It is definitely something that has affected the globe, but we will wait and see how everything pans out. Hopefully, the situation will not get any worse and the company can still remain an industry leader. Thank you again for your valued opinion. Stay tuned to see how it all goes!

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