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Brands to Benchmark on Twitter – JetBlue, ASOS, and Dell

Twitter smartphone mobile appIt wasn’t that long ago when people asked, “Which brands are on Twitter?” Today, the question is “Which brands aren’t on Twitter?”

Twitter has become an integral part of an integrated marketing plan for most large companies around the world, but some are performing much better on Twitter than others. Who Is Hosting This? put together an infographic in an effort determine which brands rule Twtter. You can check out the infographic below. Following are some highlights from the data.

Customer Service via Twitter

JetBlue takes the top spot for providing customer service on Twitter according to the data in the infographic. The company has the largest Twitter following of any airline, but it still manages to have the quickest average response time to customer tweets at just 13 minutes (79% average response rate).

Other companies that perform well for providing customer service via Twitter are Ford with an average response rate of 75% and Microsoft with an average response time of 42 minutes. Nike also performs well with an average response rate of 80% but a much slower response time of 140 minutes.

Sales via Twitter

ASOS was declared the winner for sales via Twitter based on the infographic data. The online fashion retailer’s award-winning 2013 digital Christmas campaign drove more than $7.8 million in sales to the company. During the campaign, U.S. search engine queries for ASOS increased by more than 50%.

Social Commerce via Twitter

Dell took the top spot for social commerce via Twitter thanks to the success of its @DellOutlet Twitter profile that generated more than $2 million in sales during the first two years after it launched. The company also reported a 34% conversion rate through its @DellCares and @DellCaresPRO Twitter profiles, meaning 34% of complaining “ranters” were turned into satisfied “ravers.”

Brands on Twitter Infographic

Today, consumers expect brands to be available to answer customer service questions via social media at any time of the day or night, and they expect responses from brands to be immediate. Take some time to benchmark the brands that are getting it right and achieving great results using Twitter as a customer service, sales, and marketing tool, and leverage some of the lessons you learn for your own brand’s social media marketing strategy. You’ll surely see an increase in your return on investment!

Image: Frank Mitchell

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