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Brands Connect with Twitter Moms Through Content and Value

Twitter-momsIs your brand leveraging Twitter to connect with the active community of women dubbed Twitter Moms who hold massive buying power and actively follow and engage with brands on the social web?  If you’re not, you should be.

New research from lucid marketing (via eMarketer) reveals some interesting facts about Twitter Moms’ preferences when it comes to interacting with brands on the microblogging site.

While many brands rely on self-promoting sales and discounts via Twitter, it turns out that content marketing and creating shareworthy content is just as important on Twitter as it is anywhere else on the social web.  In fact, this is something I talk about extensively in 30-Minute Social Media Marketing.

Here is what the new research tells us:

  • 71.3% of Twitter moms want to see links to interesting articles or news from businesses’ tweets.
  • 67.1% of Twitter moms want to see businesses tweet links to sales or special offers on their websites.
  • 62.6% of Twitter moms want to see links to downloadable coupons and discounts from businesses’ tweets.
  • 55.2% of Twitter moms want to see updates on new products from businesses’ tweets.
  • 52.2% of Twitter moms want to see funny tweets from businesses.

But there’s more.  What kind of content from businesses do Twitter moms share with their own connections by retweeting it?

Check out the stats from the lucid marketing study below:

  • 76.1% retweet Twitter updates from business that include links to interesting articles.
  • 66.7% retweet Twitter updates from businesses that include coupon codes or downloadable links to coupons.
  • 59.5% retweet Twitter updates from businesses that are funny.
  • 54.4% retweet Twitter updates from businesses that include a link to a sale on a business’ website.

So now you know what Twitter moms want from businesses — great content and useful links to discounts and coupons.  Next — what do they not want?  In other words, what makes Twitter moms unfollow businesses on Twitter?

Check out the stats below:

  • 67.5% unfollow businesses on Twitter that tweet about things that are not interesting to them.
  • 60.6% unfollow businesses on Twitter whose tweets have no personality.
  • 55.4% unfollow businesses on Twitter because they publish tweets too frequently.

What can we learn from these statistics?  Most importantly, your business needs to share content that adds value to people’s busy lives but don’t overwhelm them and add to the already cluttered web experience.  Instead, make your Twitter updates shine by being interesting, adding some personality (no one wants to follow a corporate machine), and knowing when enough is enough.  Once you have their attention on Twitter, don’t annoy your audience.  Instead, leave them wanting more!

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