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In the past two posts, I’ve examined the investor relations minefield commonly known as guidance – the practice of telling investors what you think future earnings may be.

It is a practice fraught with difficulties, not least of which is that companies often get it wrong. The business of forecasting is, by its very nature, an uncertain one, and the opportunities to go astray are numerous.

However, because the market is focused on future cash … Read the rest


The video application has been a stalwart in some industries for some time. Media, marketing and creative  industries depend upon employing those with a flair for film-making and artistic talent, and in the 2013 graduate run we saw giants M&C Saatchi switch to a video application system. While it’s a quirky and interesting way of seeing whether a candidate’s face fits, do video applications really do the business for online recruiters?

Splitting the Market

The … Read the rest

In my last post I wrote about the uncertainty surrounding the thinking about whether or not companies should engage in the practice of giving guidance to investors. Of course what it boils down to is a careful examination of the factors surrounding each company’s situation. And while this sounds like a bunch of waffle language coming from a cautious lawyer, I believe there are some general guidelines that can help companies think through the … Read the rest

hats social leader

Leading in a world where social media touches every part of people’s lives is challenging, and marketing leaders need to develop social leadership skills in addition to traditional leadership skills in order to effectively manage their teams and champion their brands.

The days of just leading a creative and/or analytical team of marketers is over. Today, marketing touches every part of an organization because social media makes everyone a catalyst for word-of-mouth marketing. Harnessing … Read the rest


Today I want to move from discussing the general aspect of communications in investor relations to one type of communications in particular, that of guidance. 

In a number of ways, companies giving guidance, either on expected revenues or profits, is a mug’s game. If a company gives guidance, and it hits the projected numbers, then they get no credit for it. On the other hand, if the company misses the numbers it guided to, investors … Read the rest