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Awareness Social Marketing Hubs are the New Way to Network

Keeping the social networking wheels turning and moving is the secret to any online networking success. Social media marketing has evolved significantly over the last few years. There are numerous social media consultants both online and offline whose goal is to help clients through social media awareness and exposure. There are many companies, both large and small, who work tirelessly through social networks to get noticed and for their voices to be heard.

Where major social networking resources like Facebook and Twitter have become ever so popular, there has arisen a newer, more relevant tool that is making quite an impression for corporations and online businesses. Awareness Social Marketing Hubs seems to be the new ‘kid on the block’ with a highly creative business concept that brings together multiple forms of social networking platforms for clients.

The hub is different in that it integrates several platforms for the client, manages them and seeks to bring results to the client through exposure, awareness and essentially, just being social.

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub gives marketers the ability to centralize social marketing programs and simplify the management and execution of social marketing strategies across multiple channels.” Article

Much of the glamour and attraction about Awareness Social Marketing Hubs is perhaps the convenience and expertise that is placed behind the concept. The folks who orchestrate the idea know exactly what they’re doing, and they do it quite well. They take several brands or channels of networking and integrate them seamlessly into one “way” of implementation. The client doesn’t have to worry about switching back and forth and back again each time they want to make contact within a social network hub. The point of communication spans across the pre-determined fields and they are able to maximize the contact(s) that they have with each client.

Will companies see the inherent benefit of this type of social marketing? Will online companies catch on to the idea of a marketing hub and acclimate it to their marketing strategies? How likely is it that the idea and concept will be viral enough to transcend into smaller hubs, like niche communities in arts or technology? Here are some of the features and benefits of the concept and idea of Awareness Social Marketing:

  • The marketing concept of the idea is more centralized and highly strategic in its reach. Because it transcends so many channels, it has the ability to reach multiple communities and maximize its effect.
  • It offers a “one-click” publishing model across several channels at once. This is attractive to many clients since significant time is spent when you’re trying to post to several social networks. One-click eliminates that and more time can be spent on producing quality, relevant content.
  • All of the pertinent information can be entered once into one central location and delivered to the channels automatically. This includes uploading photos, entering texts and links and sending them to Facebook and Twitter.

So which direction do you think this new technology is headed? Given that there is already success with the concept with major companies like Kodak, Sony, Best Buy, USA Today, Progressive Insurance and other major companies (source), the idea is not only catching on but is absolutely viral from all aspects. Working out any glitches will be a part of any major project of course, but streamlining systems for clients is absolutely a plus for any company. I am going to keep my eye on this one because I do believe there are many great things in store. Will you be following them as well? What is your idea about this innovative concept?

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