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Tom Goodsir

Tom started his career early; taking on an associate role at Deloitte just a few days after his eighteenth birthday, working in a technical role but with a focus on identifying and recruiting talented undergraduates. He is now entering his final year at Exeter University and he continues to work with the recruitment side of the firm and remains an active brand ambassador on campus.

Over the last few years, Tom has spent time building up a reputation as a freelance writer and has developed both a strong client base and good knowledge of social media along the way. Though there’s still plenty to learn, experience working in both the smallest and the largest of businesses has served him well and given him a feel for balancing strong corporate ideas with a personal tone.

As a student, Tom is able to offer a valuable insight into the way graduate recruitment works from the other side and how students and interns react to particular styles of marketing and recruitment. Eventually he hopes to take off his copywriting business before embarking on an MA in philosophy.

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The video application has been a stalwart in some industries for some time. Media, marketing and creative  industries depend upon employing those with a flair for film-making and artistic talent, and in the 2013 graduate run we saw giants M&C Saatchi switch to a video application system. While it’s a quirky and interesting way of seeing whether a candidate’s face fits, do video applications really do the business for online recruiters?

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The time really is now for graduate recruiters and in universities all over the UK the drive is on to pick up the top talent. However, unless you’ve been really hot off the mark, you’re almost certain to find that someone else has got there before you! The push for applications has been bigger than ever before, and getting maximum exposure for your graduate scheme can be tough, particularly when compared to some of the … Read the rest

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The job application is something that becomes pretty familiar to most final-year students and the volume of forms the average graduate completes is quite outstanding. Given that the average form requires around seven questions to be answered in four or five hundred words and that students could write ten forms, the application form can quickly become more of a burden than a dissertation! In fact, a bad application form will usually just result in a … Read the rest

It was always predicted amongst the tech world that brands like Facebook and Twitter would take off and they have rapidly become essential tools for recruiters. However, the success of these brands has spurred a variety of offshoots and we’re at an interesting phase in the development of social media where, along with the big players in the market, there are many smaller platforms all trying to grow their networks.

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