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Websites are like grocery store shelves – users pay selective attention to only certain items. 

Do you know what your readers are actually seeing on your website?

Of all the variables affecting the success of a box of cereal, grocery shelf positioning is at the top of the list. [1] In fact, the optimum shelf height for selling a box of cereal is 60 inches (152 cm) high [2].

The strategy behind grocery shelf placement … Read the rest

Your reader can, at best, process 7 pieces of information at a time. But did you know that at any given moment, they’re being bombarded by over 11,000,000 bits of information?[1]

The conscious mind cannot even begin to process the remaining 10,999,960 but their subconscious can  – and does so as every minute passes.

When reading your content, the subconscious mind is submerged in a flurry of processing – identifying, processing, and filtering out … Read the rest

Some people like change – but most people don’t. This is the central barrier of persuasion. And overcoming this barrier is the most important task when engaging an audience through a user interface. The secret? Make your product the consumer’s status quo.

Most decisions come with a status-quo alternative. We can change our ideas, attitudes, and behavior – or we can change nothing, choosing to accept things as they are.

A phenomenon called the Status Read the rest

Have you ever found a specific product after an endless search, only to realize you have to first enter the litany of personal information necessary to create the ‘membership’ required to purchase it?

The answer is most likely a resounding yes.

The online purchasing process has become exceedingly complicated, causing even the most Internet-savvy online shoppers to struggle, or often give up altogether.

This poses substantial loss for companies with B2C websites. The popularity of … Read the rest

What’s the best way to make an audience remember your product?

Make it about them.

This may seem fairly obvious – after all, it’s common knowledge that marketing a product in ways that relate to a target audience is certainly effective marketing practice.

But why?

The explanation lies in the Self-Reference Effect. The Self–Reference Effect is the tendency for people to remember information about themselves more than information that does not pertain to their needs, … Read the rest