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Bridget Wright

I am a freelance writer, blogger and professional motivational speaker. I primarily focus on business content, offering my clients strategic marketing strategies for their businesses. I have been an entrepreneur for over 13 years, after having worked extensively in corporate America.

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Effective corporate media relations is a multi-step process for any online business who wants to enjoy success and productivity. A successful branding campaign takes time, effort, diligence and careful planning. Corporations don’t build their brands overnight, and nor should social media be expected to sprout in a small matter of time. Many heads of corporate media relations spend the bulk of their time solely on building their brand online and creating a presence. A lot … Read the rest


Say the name, and almost everyone around you has either heard the name before, or they’ve had the product perhaps a few times. Coca-Cola has been around for quite some time, with its first drink having been sold in Atlanta, GA in 1888. Since that time, the company has grown substantially with their product presence in several major countries across the globe.

However, even with its strong global presence, Coca-Cola still embraces social … Read the rest

In today’s current business climate, many companies are opting to find smarter and more frugal methods of marketing, and forgoing the mistaken idea that corporations have to spend a lot of money on their marketing ideas. Although frugal does not equate to “cheap” or “poor quality”, it does require that the company be creative and savvy in choosing how they will advertise their product or services.
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Choosing a Social Campaign

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube, any corporation who decides to take their business aboard the World Wide Web should take a long, hard look at their social media campaign to see if it’s returning value. Many companies get on board a social networking site and expect a one hundred fold return almost immediately, as if just setting up an account was all they needed to do.

Growing the social Read the rest

At 140-character increments, marketing your business has never been so easy. Twitter has made it simple and exciting for companies and individuals to interact, network and brainstorm on its platform.

How does social media fit into the grand scheme of things? How can a simple tweet change the way a media department is perceived?

Corporate Networking

Creating an environment that is conducive for social networking can be a challenge for some corporations. Perhaps many of … Read the rest