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Brian Nelson

Brian is a small business owner, consultant and freelance writer. Brian began his professional career in the computer industry as a consultant where he became keenly aware of the internal workings of companies from Fortune 100 giants to small two-man shops. While working with a mutual fund company, Brian developed a strong interest in finance and became a Certified Financial Planner. As a financial professional, Brian specialized in working with small business owners. Brian is the co-founder of ArcticLlama, LLC a premier business writing and consulting firm. He also runs a real world personal finance blog. Brian lives in Denver with his wife and daughter.

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When Google speaks, people listen. Whether it is the enormous market capitalization, the global reach of the company’s well-known brand, or simply the expectation that the company will continue to be a worldwide innovator, when Google does something new, it matters to more than just Internet searchers.

Recently, Google released its first-quarter earnings in a manner that broke the traditional mold for releasing financial information. Instead of posting the actual press release and financial numbers … Read the rest

Section 1 of the Investor Relations Twitter Strategy Guide

Twitter Strategy Guide for IR Section 2 – Useful, Informative, Legally Defensible Twitter Tweets

For businesses to get value from Twitter, the company must generate a useful and informative feed of Twitter posts that compels users to “Follow” the company’s Twitter account. On the other hand, to avoid any potential problems with tweets made on Twitter, corporations must be careful not to accidentally publish misleading … Read the rest

Twitter mania is everywhere. Whether the quickly deafening crescendo heralds a change in the world’s communication paradigm, or the impending pop of the social networking bubble remains to be seen. What cannot be ignored is that businesses are embracing Twitter for the benefits they can gain from direct, real-time, two-way communication with consumers and business partners. It is only a matter of time before shareholders and company executives alike start asking, “Where is the company’s … Read the rest

When it comes to using Twitter for Investor Relations, one of the first issues to jump into people’s heads – especially people who went to law school – is how to comply with the wide range of rules and requirements that regulate corporate communications with investors. However, some simple strategies can help you avoid most IR difficulties.

Twitter and IR – What Are the Rules?

One of the difficulties in establishing a Twitter strategy Read the rest

A well-followed and useful business Twitter strategy can be a powerful new investor relations tool for many companies. However, an unfocused, boring, and ignored Twitter feed will not only fail to provide new channels for shareholder communications, but will also drain resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. While the IR community is rife with admonishments about why you have to be using Twitter, it seems painfully lacking in information about just HOW Investor Read the rest