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Lucy Nixon is the editor at Corporate Eye, which helps clients to amplify their core messages and brand through the corporate website. Lucy is responsible for developing and managing the Corporate Eye blog and for producing reports to clients on website best practice by industry and stakeholder.

She also developed the Corporate Eye approach to benchmarking corporate websites, so she’s reviewed more corporate websites than she likes to think about.

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‘We’ can mean something different every time you say it.

For a business, apart from being self-referential (‘we do this’), ‘we’ usually means business + stakeholder.

Here are six types of ‘we’ where working together on responsibility activities creates more than working alone:

  1. Where ‘we’ = business + customer

    There have been a number of initiatives where businesses and customers have combined their efforts on particular corporate responsibility projects. Many of these are in the

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I invited Jordan Mendys to write a post for us today. His photos are lovely (do go and look at them) and I thought he’d have some interesting views about the visual aspects of the corporate website.

His point about intentionality, detail and tone is an extremely important one, whether you are considering your first corporate website or maintaining the latest iteration of a long-standing web position.

Visualizing Your Corporate Website

When it comes to … Read the rest


The following post is written by Nicola Medici, a 3rd year Economics Student from Loughborough University. She has recently completed a years internship on the FMP programme with GE, having applied to (and been through the application process for) many companies while looking for a year-long internship as part of her degree.

I thought you might find the view ‘from the other side’ interesting…

How Students Find an Internship

For many second year students, … Read the rest

video globe

Given the ever-increasing importance of video to the corporate website, I invited Neil Davidson to talk about creating the right tone of voice in your corporate videos. Neil founded My Web Presenters, which has won a number of awards over the last 20 years, so he knows a thing or two about video…

Over to you, Neil

How to judge the tone of your corporate videos

Getting the tone of your corporate video right will … Read the rest

london olympics 2012

Test Becoming a brand sponsor of the Olympic Games is an expensive investment, and that investment doesn’t usually lead to an immediate uptick in sales. Instead, Olympics sponsorship typically delivers more long-term value in terms of increased brand awareness and reputation.

In fact, it could be argued that employees get more excited about Olympic Games sponsorships (and clients who often get free tickets to Olympics events thanks to those sponsorships) than consumers. Results from a … Read the rest