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Lucy Nixon

Lucy Nixon is the editor at Corporate Eye, which helps clients to amplify their core messages and brand through the corporate website. Lucy is responsible for developing and managing the Corporate Eye blog and for producing reports to clients on website best practice by industry and stakeholder.

She also developed the Corporate Eye approach to benchmarking corporate websites, so she’s reviewed more corporate websites than she likes to think about.

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Are you going to the Responsible Business Summit?

It’s next week, so you’ve not got long to clear your diary, but it does look good. (See the agenda).

Key topics for discussion include:

  • Collaboration
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Trust
  • Supply Chain
  • Resource Constraints

I’m particularly looking forward to the discussions on resource scarcity. This is a growing area of interest for companies; for example, water usage is increasingly monitored and reductions sought as part … Read the rest


I invited Danny Gallagher to contribute a post today about social media and business reputation.

Social media and the business world have become just as intertwined as having a website or a phone number. It not only helps a business establish their online reputation, but it also makes it easier for businesses to reach and communicate with their customers.

However, it can also present a serious downside if it’s not used properly. founder Michael … Read the rest


I invited Cathy Wellings, an expert in business communication skills, to write another guest post for us, this time about communicating technical matters to a non-technical audience.

Her advice is particularly relevant if you need to communicate a technical subject online, where you cannot assume that your audience will have a technical understanding of your subject.

Over to you, Cathy…

Technical Writing for Non-technical Audiences

Technical experts whether in IT, engineering, scientific or other specialist … Read the rest

military man to businessman

I invited Thomas Jones to write a guest post for us today about veterans and recruitment. Have you considered targeting this group with a dedicated recruitment website? Let us know, in the comments…

Over to you, Thomas!

The global financial crisis has hit the world hard. Economies have been left in tatters and governments are having to cut budgets to weather the current economic downturn. Military defence budgets have been greatly affected with many countries … Read the rest

pile of annual reports

I invited Richard Ketchen to write a post for us about creating annual reports. Richard advises on stakeholder communication, with a particular interest in the annual report, so I thought you’d find his suggestions helpful.

Over to you, Richard…

Common annual report mistakes, and how to avoid them

Facts, figures and fluff. You’ll find all three in an annual report. Readers expect a little of each. For companies, though, finding the right balance is the … Read the rest