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Lucy Nixon is the editor at Corporate Eye, which helps clients to amplify their core messages and brand through the corporate website. Lucy is responsible for developing and managing the Corporate Eye blog and for producing reports to clients on website best practice by industry and stakeholder.

She also developed the Corporate Eye approach to benchmarking corporate websites, so she’s reviewed more corporate websites than she likes to think about.

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military man to businessman

I invited Thomas Jones to write a guest post for us today about veterans and recruitment. Have you considered targeting this group with a dedicated recruitment website? Let us know, in the comments…

Over to you, Thomas!

The global financial crisis has hit the world hard. Economies have been left in tatters and governments are having to cut budgets to weather the current economic downturn. Military defence budgets have been greatly affected with many countries … Read the rest

pile of annual reports

I invited Richard Ketchen to write a post for us about creating annual reports. Richard advises on stakeholder communication, with a particular interest in the annual report, so I thought you’d find his suggestions helpful.

Over to you, Richard…

Common annual report mistakes, and how to avoid them

Facts, figures and fluff. You’ll find all three in an annual report. Readers expect a little of each. For companies, though, finding the right balance is the … Read the rest


Many of you work in multinational companies, and so are likely to need to present to audiences of different nationalities, whether it is an internal or an external presentation.

I invited Cathy Wellings of Communicaid to share some of her advice in a guest post today; of course, much of what Cathy discusses is also relevant to the presentation of your corporate website.

Over to you, Cathy!

Challenging and daunting, yet rewarding and at times … Read the rest


Patagonia, Inc. sells high-end outdoor clothes. That’s their bread and butter. But they don’t just do clothes like any normal company. No, Patagonia is a clothes retailer with an explorer’s impulse, an environmentalist’s conscience, a traveller’s spirit and a web designer’s digital nous.

That last trait is very important – Patagonia has a cutting edge website. It’s through Patagonia’s website that we have come to understand that it’s a trendy, up-to-date corporate that has a … Read the rest


‘We’ can mean something different every time you say it.

For a business, apart from being self-referential (‘we do this’), ‘we’ usually means business + stakeholder.

Here are six types of ‘we’ where working together on responsibility activities creates more than working alone:

  1. Where ‘we’ = business + customer

    There have been a number of initiatives where businesses and customers have combined their efforts on particular corporate responsibility projects. Many of these are in the

  2. Read the rest