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Attracting Graduates: New Alternatives

Blurting out boring facts about your company is really not a good way to attract applicants especially if you are hoping to focus on graduate careers. The secret for attracting them? 

Being innovative as much as possible.

Instead of just enumerating information, how about presenting it with a twist? Creating videos or blogs about your company could work, especially if you are promoting the culture of the company and how the culture would be able to nourish the growth that these future employees want to achieve in their career life.

One good example of this comes from AstraZeneca. This firm does not just give a brief introduction about the company! It gives an over-all experience for applicants. The tour goes from the different career opportunities which you could join in and also the perks (company gym and bar) that you could also experience once you join the company. This virtual tour could really entice interested parties because they could visualize themselves working for your company. I personally consider this as the best “marketing value” for both the company and future candidates.

Aside from that, testimonials are also a great way to promote your companies. If you are targeting graduate careers, you could ask someone from the same educational institution to write an honest-to-goodness testimonial about their experience in the company. The testimonial could include any of the following topics: 

  • personal recruitment experience
  • present working situation
  • stability and perks of the company
  • future career and personal growth

Through this strategy, applicants could actually have that “connection” because these people that gave their own testimonial have the same background as theirs. This could give out a sense that they could actually relate to these people, and in the future they could also be like them.

Combining these two methods is a very good idea but companies should make sure that they maintain the standard and the real purpose of these strategies. Implementing a new twist in terms of attracting candidates could make a difference in a company’s sourcing goal but making sure that it still follows the mission and vision of the company should always be the main priority.

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