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Apple Bumps Coca-Cola from Top Spot as World’s Most Valuable Brand

apple logo apple storeThe Top 100 Global Brands 2013 list from Interbrand has been released and Apple has ended the 13-year run Coca-Cola enjoyed in the #1 spot. In fact, Coca-Cola fell to third place on the list of the most valuable global brands in 2013, behind Apple and Google.

Both Apple and Google were top risers in the 2013 list, with estimated value growth rates of 28% and 24%, respectively. Coca-Cola only experienced a 2% growth in value. However, the biggest growth in brand value was experienced by Facebook. Ranking at #52 (up from #69 in 2012), Facebook’s brand value rose by 43% to $7.7 billion. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nokia dropped from #19 in 2012 to #57 in 2013 with a brand value that dropped by 65% to $7.4 billion.

In terms of positions on this list, Apple moved up from #2 in 2012 (#8 in 2011), and Google climbed from #4 in 2012 (also #4 in 2011). Looking back even further, Apple didn’t even make the top 10 in the 2008 list (#24) while Google ranked in tenth place. But let’s go back even further. In 2000, when the list of the top 100 global brands was first published, Coca-Cola was in the top spot, but Apple was ranked #36 and Google didn’t make the list at all.

The top 10 global brands of 2013 are:

  1. Apple = $98.3 billion brand value
  2. Google = $93.3 billion brand value
  3. Coca-Cola = $79.2 billion brand value
  4. IBM = $78.8 billion brand value
  5. Microsoft – $59.5 billion brand value
  6. GE = $46.9 billion brand value
  7. McDonald’s = $42.0 billion brand value
  8. Samsung = $39.6 billion brand value
  9. Intel = $37.3 billion brand value
  10. Toyota = $35.3 billion brand value

Today, the top 10 global brands according to the Interbrand report are primarily technology brands (5 out of 10). However, tech brands aren’t the most common sector seen on this year’s list. That honor goes to the automotive sector. Here is a breakdown of the number of brands in each sector that made it on the list of the top 100 global brands of 2013:

  • Automotive = 14 brands
  • Technology = 12 brands
  • FMCG = 12 brands
  • Financial Services = 11 brands
  • Alcohol = 7 brands
  • Luxury = 7 brands
  • Electronics = 6 brands
  • Diversified = 5 brands
  • Apparel = 4 brands
  • Beverages = 4 brands
  • Media = 4 brands
  • Restaurants = 4 brands
  • Business Services = 3 brands
  • Retail = 2 brands
  • Sporting Goods = 2 brands
  • Energy = 1 brand
  • Home Furnishings = 1 brand
  • Transportation = 1 brand

Overall, U.S. brands dominate the list with 57 followed by Europe and Africa with 33. Ten brands on the list are from Asia. You can follow the link above to view the full report, interactive charts, and more.

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