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Another Phase of Media Relations

Recently, Google decided to allow big media names and online corporate entities to start posting ads on their YouTube sites. The potential that this brings to online corporate sites has a high profitable possibility and can make oogles of money for Google:

A small number of big partners, such as CBS, already sell their own ads on the site, but so far the numbers are small. Industry sources say that the scheme could be extended to many more firms by the end of the quarter. (full story)

YouTube is actually a very, very good site for companies to advertise and post videos about their wares. CBS News is already a part of the activity and have a recurring segment on the video site weekly. However, YouTube has also been known for showcasing folks personal antics, goofy videos and pieces that make you scratch your head in disbelief that someone could even dream up half the stuff that we see displayed on the YouTube site. But, with the advent of the new way that Google will be approaching the corporate entities, this move may in fact bring a new level of credit and respect to what is considered an immature, low-profit watching audience.

Most businesses and business individuals these days have some form of social networking sites or accounts that they use to drive traffic to their site, so the new idea of Google’s offering to YouTube’s clients is not a big surprise. Not only do small and large businesses have YouTube accounts, but they’ve managed to monetize them exceptionally well and create revenues of income streams in the process.

But, the question is how well will the YouTube audience accept, respond and participate with the corporate online businesses? Will they be able to keep an interested, participating audience who will bring revenue to the online YouTube corporate partners? Will they look and click away or will they look, stay and become customers?

Do you frequent YouTube at all? Would you consider becoming a customer of any of the online partners at YouTube?

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