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About Novozymes “About Us”

Sometimes you come across something so extraordinary that you can’t wait to share it.  So it is with the About Us section of  Novozymes a Danish company a company that has a 40% market share in the industry for enzymes used in ethanol production. First there is a unique statement on the About Us section, not your typical vision statement–

A vision alone is not enough for Novozymes to make its mark on the world. So we have brought the fundamental guidelines for our day-to-day work together in what we call The Novozymes Touch. The Novozymes Touch explains where we are going and how we will get there. It contains the vision, the personality, the values, the commitments and the fundamentals of Novozymes.

Now let’s look at About Us —

This is a very comprehensive section. First, because of the somewhat exotic nature of their industry, they wisely put an industry overview at the top of the menu list. Below this are links to other key site sections.

Next, look at the extensive “Our Company” . This gives the visitor, what ever their focus, information on essentially any aspect of the company. For example, click on “Facts” and you see this —

Note the financial summary. Putting this in About Us gives the visitor a quick snapshot without having to drill down to find this. For Novozymes this makes extra sense, theirs is an emerging industry. Note also the expanded menu–


This is well organized and provides visitors with even more information to learn About the company. Another must visit section is The role of  shareholders and their interaction with management which further outlines the company’s communications practices. No surprise that they won a Danish Media Association award for communications.

Novozymes is a model company for designing an effective About Us section on corporate websites.

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