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A Model Of Transparency — Keppel (Singapore)

I found a company that won a Transparency Award in SingaporeKeppel Land. Yet the company states a humble view —

Good governance – beyond winning awards

Winning awards and accolades from the investment community for Keppel’s outstanding corporate practices are feel-good boosters for Keppelites. 

Beyond that, these awards serve duly as an important indication that Keppel is moving forward the right track in its admirable goal to achieve a rooted culture of good corporate governance. 

While the “look and feel” of the site is not up to world standards, the Corporate Governance content is comprehensive and is a global model of Transparency.


Keppel not only shows its Strategic Direction and objectives, it displays actions it has taken to execute its strategy. This is remarkable, since many companies do not display the details of their strategy and the few that do, don’t go into the details as does Keppel. There may be a risk that the company is showing the “corporate jewels”, but the risk is offset by the information value for existing and potential investors.

Keppel exhibits its extensive Corporate Governance system starting with this page

and continues for 10 pages of content about Board membership, attendance, compensation, performance and more. The navigation bar options on the left expand to other Governance topics that provide information for just about any item concerning Governance.

The only flaw that I see is a problem with website navigation. Keppel’s good Corporate Governance content isn’t available from the main site navigation, but is “hidden” in the main menu under “annual Reports” (see 2007); it should be brought out and highlighted.

Humbleness is a laudable virtue, but Keppel has a compelling Corporate Governance story and they should flaunt it.

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