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A Lesson From AT&T: Business Leaders Know What To Do

Exclusivity in any business has always been primarily reserved for those who can afford or who are “deserving” of a product. When an item or service is difficult to get, it becomes a premium item and one that everybodys wants. It also helps if said item is effective at helping the recipient achieve a goal or make their lives easier. Double stars if it does both.

Take for instance the coveted iPhone that’s selling out most everywhere in retail stores across the nation. Everybody’s talking about the iPhone, either owning one or going to get one soon.

From News Wire Today:

A month after Apple released the iPhone, only eight percent of Americans knew someone who owned one — now, seven months later, that number is up to 34 percent. Full Story

It’s even becoming immensely popular among students as well as business people.

Campus officials roll out programs to take advantage of the iPhone’s potential as a converged, mobile learning device. Full Story 

Even Appletell reports that this Pricegrabber study shows that the iPhone is in high demand.

With a popular product such as the iPhone, how can a company benefit from such increased demand on a product and keep customers satisfied? AT&T has found the way.

AT&T’s Premier Enterprise Web site is now selling Apple’s popular handset online for $199 and $299 with a two-year contract. Despite being launched more than a month ago, long lines or shortages can make getting an iPhone 3G a difficult task. But enterprise customers can now skip these lines and purchase the smartphone on the Web.

This business move by AT & T should not only make consumers incredibly happy, but keep them around and possibly spark buyer’s interest in some of the other AT&T products that they offer. While selling products online is not a new concept, AT&T has tapped into the new iPhone buying web by making the product available for purchase online. What makes this so special is that they are one of the first to do so and a leader in their industry.

AT&T further ensured that they would get maximum exposure for this move by making the announcement available on their website and releasing also releasing he announcement to technical and business websites alike. Since they are fairly recent in doing this, it will only be a matter of time before other websites and bloggers start talking more about where they can find an iPhone, who’s selling them for what price and now, that the coveted iPhone is available online from AT&T.

This move can also be viewed as a marketing strategy by AT&T, but in my opinion it’s more than that. It is a way not only to align itself for future consumer business, but to also show that they’re in tune with customer demands. They also realize that consumers will get these popular, quality products that they need from trusted, reliable sources and AT&T is a leader in its industry. 

When companies are proactive and leaders in their respective industries and have a viable connection with the consumer, they plant themselves firmly as being aware and mindful of what customers need, want and what the market seeks. Companies like AT&T who follow the lead on what is already available and popular do well in future business growth for times to come.

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