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5 Reasons Brands Should Prioritize Global Video Marketing

webcam blackToday, online video has given brands a huge opportunity to build emotional connections with consumers, increase message retention through visuals, and enable global audiences to have tactile relationships with products on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. That’s just one of the highlights from Lionbridge’s new ebook, The Fundamentals of Global Video Marketing.

There is no denying the growing importance of online video content. The ebook cites a number of statistics that prove the critical importance of video content publishing to brands. For example, Cisco Visual Networking first reported that by 2017, online video will account for 69% of total consumer Internet traffic. Already, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them feel more confident about their online purchases (via Internet Retailer).

Despite all of this proof that brands should be prioritizing video marketing, only one out of four brands are using online video as part of their marketing strategies according to Kantar Media. The Lionsbridge ebook identifies five key reasons why brands must prioritize global video marketing today, including:

1. Brand Communications

Video gives you another way to communicate your brand messages. Leverage the power of brand storytelling in your video content to appeal to consumers’ emotions and build stronger connections with them.

2. Visual Learning

Many people learn more effectively and have better recall when they receive information visually rather than in written form. Adding audio, motion, and color via video marketing can have a significant effect in the overall consumption and virality of your brand’s content.

3. Search Engine Optimization

When you embed video content on your brand website, your overall search engine rankings and traffic will improve. The ebook cites research from Bubobox which found that embedded video increases the amount of time visitors spend on page by 800%.

4. Speed

Today, people are very busy and they want to consume a lot of useful information quickly. By including running times with your brand videos, people can instantly decide whether or not they’re willing to invest that amount of time and watch those videos. The cost-benefit analysis happens within seconds, so it’s critical that you match video length with the added value the video delivers to consumers. Most importantly, make sure consumers understand what that value is so they’re motivated to click through and watch the entire video.

5. Convenience

Online video content is easy to view and share through multiple devices. The user experience can be equally good on a computer monitor or an iPad. Allowing consumers to consume your video content anytime and anywhere opens the doors to new ways to communicate your brand messages.

The ebook also discusses a problem that brand marketers need to understand before they dive into video marketing: “When videos are introduced to international audiences, the visuals translate across languages but narratives often get lost in translation.” Remember, there is more to successful global video marketing than translating a single script into multiple languages.

Follow the link at the beginning of the article to download the complete ebook.

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