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5 Factors of Brand Positioning

Last week, I wrote about how to break through branding clutter by defining your brand’s unique value proposition then owning it in the the marketplace thereby establishing your brand’s position.  Today, let’s take a look at the 5 main factors that go into defining a brand position.

1. Brand Attributes

What the brand delivers through features and benefits to consumers.

2. Consumer Expectations

What consumers expect to receive from the brand.

3.  Competitor attributes

What the other brands in the market offer through features and benefits to consumers.

4.  Price

An easily quantifiable factor – Your prices vs. your competitors’ prices.

5.  Consumer perceptions

The perceived quality and value  of your brand in consumer’s minds (i.e., does your brand offer the cheap solution, the good value for the money solution, the high-end, high-price tag solution, etc.?).

Take some time to create a thorough picture of the current market and how your brand fits in that market to determine your brand’s current position.  If that’s not the position you want for your brand, take the necessary steps to change it based on the gaps defined when you analyzed the five factors above.

Do you use any other factors in your brand positioning definition process?

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Susan Gunelius is the author of 10 marketing, social media, branding, copywriting, and technology books, and she is President & CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc., a marketing communications company. She also owns Women on Business, an award-wining blog for business women. She is a featured columnist for and, and her marketing-related articles have appeared on websites such as,,, and more. She has over 20 years of experience in the marketing field having spent the first decade of her career directing marketing programs for some of the largest companies in the world, including divisions of AT&T and HSBC. Today, her clients include large and small companies around the world and household brands like Citigroup, Cox Communications, Intuit, and more. Susan is frequently interviewed about marketing and branding by television, radio, print, and online media organizations, and she speaks about these topics at events around the world. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+.

Dear Susan,

I’m making my undergraduate thesis, taking brand positioning as my topic. It is about the phenomenon of The Body Shop Indonesia. In other countries, such as US, UK, Singapore, Australia, The Body Shop is a mass brand. While in Indonesia, it is associated with Premium brand. My objective is to know why this phenomenon could be happened.

Things that I’d like to ask are, Can Brand Positioning be defined as the market position of the brand ? Which contains of economic, mass, and premium brand ?

Coz, what i’ve already found, there’s no article said that Brand Positioning is about the brand position; econmic, mass, or premium brand. I found brand positioning is about image or identity of the brand, that is delivered into the mind of public.

What i’ve found, defined that “The Body Shop is a cosmetic brand with natural ingredients” or The Body Shop is a company with social and environment values”. None of them said that the body shop is a mass or prestige brand, as its brand positioning.

On my case,(mass, economic, prestige brand), is it brand positioning ?
what is brand positioning contains of ?
Can I say, premium brand is the brand positioning of The Body Shop Indonesia ?

Would u please help ? I do really need your advise.

Saleem Sattar

I must say that Brand Positioning means positioning of brand in the mind of customers. We can’t change the product but we can change the brand position in the mind of customer.

in my view brand positioning is that one descriptive sentence or slogan the company is known for or that one specific idea that first comes to our mind when we see or hear some brand name

i agree to what she has to say. it would be great if she can talk about it in details. it would be of great help all marketing students.


put semply, Brand Positioning is how a product appears in relation to other products in the market.

I’m a student doing IB in S.V.K.M International School in Mumbai. I am doing an internal assessment on Videocon’s new strategy of ‘Experience Change’ and has done brand re-positioning. So can anyone please help me with it.

Thank you.

I am Peerzada Musadiq from Dangiwacha, Rafiabad, Kashmir. I think positioning of a company-brand is how it is percieved by the buyer in comparison to the other positioned brands of the competitors.

Please clarify me on pesticide product positioning, i know the target market, and I wana know more about the positioning of my product with more innovation and attraction, i mean branding activities to make my product identified than other competitions.

I am a student,doing mba from jaypee business school noida 62.I am fully agree by this five factors of brand positionning.

Mochamad Fadillah Rizky

I am an employee of the biggest telecommunication in Indonesia. I got my bachelor’s degree in Management of Telecommunication and Informatics Business and master’s degree in Business Administration, majoring Accounting and Finance. I am fully agree with those five factors. However, there are lots of factor that could affect the failure of brand positioning.

If we talk about brand, it must be related to consumer mind. Brand Positioning is definitely perception of brand in the mind of consumer. Consumer in different country could perceive different brand positioning so building the same brand image in different continent is difficult job. The role of brand manager is really challenged here. However, not all brands through this process because there are lots of type of brand – local brand, global brand, generic brand, etc.

Brand Positioning is the perception consumers have about your product or brand in relation to competitors products.

I want to know what brand strategy means.

To me brand positioning is like taking a position in the conscious mind of the consumers and to attack the sub-conscious mind with the objective to maximize the space for the brand within the sub conscious mind and to do it with maximum number of people.


I would like to know, is brand image the result of positioning?

hi, I’m a third year student from Republic of Moldova. I have to wright my license on “image as a factor that influencing market position” theme, so i wanna know if this 5 factors are the same for image, plz help meee. Thanks

hi, i am working in apparel fashion retail and i m a retail mgt student , i am well understood wht is the brand positioning and thr r deferent kingds of brand positioning luxury, super premium, premium,lifestyle and mass . i need to know the different between all the kinds of brand positioning, pls anyone can help me out hn i m greatful to u, thanx

i m doing BBA from university of Gujrat,in my views brand positioning is what a firm wants to make image of its product in the mind of customer. all the above factors discussed by Susan help the firms in brand positioning.

i m zia uddin, doing MBA from chittagong university, ctg, Bangladesh. i think Brand positioning is the perception of a brand that is realised by the customer.


i m jaspreet doing bba from punjabi university ,i m agree with 5 factor of brand positioning

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