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5 Blogging Mistakes Made By Corporate Media Blogs

Corporate blogs are all the rage these days. Major corporations are finding that maintaining corporate blogs are a valuable and effective marketing tool for corporations. However, even in the frenzy and flurry of escalating their blogs to the top of the list, corporate media blogs can often fail to tweak areas that need attention or perhaps even elimination. The mechanics of blogging require an observance of many nuances, a few to include a connection with readers, substantive content and being on point in the content. With a myriad of factors for a corporate media blog to consider, which can often be even worrisome, it is imperative that the blog establishes itself firmly in its respective business industry and sets the tone for it to be perceived as authorities on their blog topic. With that, why then do some blogs struggle to maintain an effective corporate blog presence? Following is a list of 5 major mistakes that corporate media blogs make that could potentially hinder and almost halt their growth:

1. No clear idea of what the blog is about.

Blogs that have topics, ideas and subjects that are all across the board are confusing and discouraging to its readers, if they manage to keep any. Although the About Us page of the blog should be sufficient enough for readers to understand what the blog’s topic is about, more often corporate blogs may find themselves touching on a myriad of topics that relate to the corporation, but no clear cut angle on what the blog itself is focusing on. More than simply filling out the About Us page, corporate blogs should make a point to convey their mission and objective to their readers in a way that dismisses any fog on what their focus is.

2. Failure to really “connect” with the readers.

Corporate blogs have a reputation sometimes for being “stale” or “dry.” This can happen with corporate blogs when they have a talk at them approach rather than a talk to them approach. Readers know the difference and can take offense to it, rightfully so. Connecting with your blog audience is defined by really listening to and interacting with the blog readers.

3. Not inviting or encouraging comments from readers.

Media blogs give opinions and slants on news and information from their perspective. But, the corporate’s opinion is not the only one there is. The reader’s have a very lively opinion on particular topics, and many of them very passionate in their opinions. When you invite readers to share their thoughts in a professional, non-threatening matter, you are encouraging readers subscriptions through participation. This can turn into referrals, RSS feeds subscribers, forum activity and repeat readers.

4. Being “stuck” in a topic or subject.

Like #1 states, yes, a blog should be focused on a particular subject or topic. However, a blog can pigeon-hole itself and become mundane if it failes to excite or motivate the readers. It can motivate readers by periodically straying from the main topic of discussion. In other words, it is sometimes beneficial and highly encouraged for blogs to shake things up a bit by blogging on topics outside or parallel to its main focus. This doesn’t mean that your blog has dual personalities, but that it is in fact attuned to changes outside of its own world and has the ability to draw in readers based on this.

5. Having a “one blog” voice.

The CEO is quite special, but there are others within the corporation who have a voice as well. Many corporate blogs make this mistake of only letting the executive team blog and overlooking the everyday employee who has something to share. This is where there is a plethora of good information. Consider allowing senior team leaders or stellar employees have a guest blogging spot or even a feature page (perhaps) on the blog. Then, sit back and watch the blog develop a life of its own…

What are some things that your corporate blog does that you’d like to change? What can you do to make your media blog more effective for your company?

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