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3 Biggest Mobile Marketing Mistakes Brand Marketers Make in 2014

dartboard missAll brand marketers know how important mobile is to the future success of their brands, products, services, and companies, but many of them are making one or more of the three biggest mobile marketing mistakes.

In 2014, these three mistakes are causing many brands to hit obstacles that are impeding their growth progress. If you’re making these mobile marketing mistakes, then you need to recognize them and make changes immediately.

1. Going Cheap on Mobile

Launching your brand effectively into the mobile space so it has a chance to gain a strong position that leads to a sustainable competitive advantage requires an adequate investment in time, money, and resources. The three things you need to be prepared to invest in if you want to maximize your results are:

  • People: Without the right talent, your mobile marketing successes will be limited. The competition will easily be able to outpace your brand.
  • Tools: Without the right tools to launch campaigns, track progress, benchmark competitors, and integrate your mobile marketing with the rest of your marketing plan, you’ll be throwing darts at a dartboard while wearing a blindfold.
  • Experimentation: Without the right testing to learn what works for your brand and your target audience, you’ll be guilty of creating barriers to your own success.

2. Using One-Size-Fits-All Strategies on Mobile

Your mobile marketing strategy is unique. Don’t try to fit your online marketing strategy to the mobile environment, because it won’t work. Saying mobile and online are the same is like saying radio and television are the same. They aren’t. Consider platform-centric strategies they seek opportunities for integration and economies of scale.

3. Succumbing to Shiny New Toy Syndrome

Every day a new cool tool launches that promises to improve your marketing results, give you better access to your mobile customers, and more. Many of these tools are excellent, but if you test every tool, you’ll never have time to experiment with actual marketing campaigns and programs.

Are you guilty of making any of these mobile marketing mistakes? Now is the time to admit it and adjust, because 2014 is already half over. In 2015, companies that are still making these mistakes will be left behind while the competition rules the mobile market.

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