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28 Brand Facebook Pages with the Most Likes

Have you ‘liked’ a Facebook page lately?  Creating Facebook pages for brands is hot, hot, hot!  As you might expect, some brands are finding ways to get a lot of people to like their Facebook pages.  Of course, there are no real numbers available to report how those likes turn into revenue, but the fact that millions of people are liking brands on Facebook shows there is value in having a Facebook presence for your brand.  If nothing else, it provides another way for consumers to interact with your brand in a way that they enjoy.  It’s great for building brand awareness, loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do it!  What’s not to like about it? put together a list of the top 28 brand Facebook pages in terms of the number of people who like them, and the results are quite interesting.  See which brands come out on top in the world of Facebook likes below:

  1. Starbucks (16,032,409)
  2. Coca Cola (15,095,389)
  3. Oreo (12,085,126)
  4. Skittles (11,508,441)
  5. Red Bull (10,198,875)
  6. Victoria’s Secret (8,429,334)
  7. Disney (8,394,141)
  8. Converse All Star (7,366,892)
  9. iTunes (7,071,721)
  10. MTV (7,043,056)
  11. Zara (6,063,583)
  12. Pringles (5,762,518)
  13. NBA (5,616,388)
  14. Starburst (5,380,056)
  15. Nutella (5,208,281)
  16. Dr Pepper (5,164,646)
  17. Monster Energy (4,916,536)
  18. Adidas Originals (4,804,224)
  19. H&M (4,520,070)
  20. Ferraro Rocher (4,424,751)
  21. McDonalds (3,795,486)
  22. Playstation (3,683,751)
  23. Xbox (3,447,690)
  24. Taco Bell (3,399,860)
  25. Puma (2,712,075)
  26. BMW (2,696,929)
  27. Blackberry (2,675,387)
  28. Nike (2,481,546)

Of course, there is more to finding success through Facebook marketing than attracting a lot of likes.  How engaged are these millions of people on those Facebook pages a few months after they click the like button?  In those terms, some of these Facebook pages are actually far superior than others.  For example, take some time to look through the Facebook pages listed above and see what these brands are doing to engage consumers.  Red Bull is one that definitely stands out to me.  In fact, I included it in my upcoming book, 30-Minute Social Media Marketing, so I’m not surprised to see it on this list (listen to the Drunkish Dials on the Red Bull Facebook page, they’re hilarious).  It’s a great example of adding value to the online conversation using Facebook.


I think one of the most interesting things about this list is how diverse it is.  There are some of the most valuable brands in the world on this list as well as some smaller brands.  There are also brands in a variety of categories, including food, apparel, entertainment, and more.  Clearly, any size brand and type of brand can find success on Facebook.

Check out for more information about these pages and start thinking about how you can benchmark these Facebook page leaders to market your brand through its own Facebook page.

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