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We live with two dogs:

  • an intelligent and patient collie/lab cross, who can’t resist carrot cake icing (yes, she ate my birthday cake)
  • and a ditsy, hyperactive and very needy springer/lab cross, who struggles with anything new or strange.

Our springer cross has a metaphorical emotional sink into which the stresses of her day (people at the door, other dogs across a field, quadbikes passing in the lane, cows looking at her over the fence, … Read the rest

I invited Brad Shorr to write for us today about the importance of local SEO, even for global companies—I hope you’ll find his thoughts on this useful.

When the subject of local SEO crops up, we tend to think about local businesses, such as dental practices, restaurants and HVAC companies. However, global firms also benefit from local SEO, and in a big way. Here at Straight North, we’ve seen this prove out time and … Read the rest