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digital data

Digital data isn’t really degrading. The truth is that it’s never been very good, and as much as brand marketers like to talk about the importance of big data and analytics, both are far from perfect in the digital space.

The Evolution of Digital Advertising report from comScore clarifies why digital data, particularly demographic data, is so flawed. Ironically, comScore uses data to make its points, but nevertheless, the points are quite valid and bear … Read the rest

I’ve been thinking about infographics and corporate communications recently, having noticed how more and more companies are including them in their corporate websites – typically in the Media section, or in the About Us section. So I was delighted when Scott Huntingdon suggested that he write a post about infographics. Over to you, Scott…

Infographics are popping up all over the place, in everything from small business blogs to how-to slides, corporate emails to online … Read the rest

visual branding eyeglasses

Human beings are very visual. We’re physically and emotionally affected by what we see. An image might make us feel something deeply or it might motivate us to take some kind of action. Images can stand alone or greatly enhance words, and you can use them in your brand marketing efforts to boost results.

Visual branding has gotten a lot of attention in recent years as digital and mobile platforms have improved and made it … Read the rest

apple android

There was big news in mobile advertising this week, and it’s a sign of a significant shift that brand marketers need to know about. For the first time, Google’s Android surpassed Apple’s iOS and took the top spot for mobile ad traffic for the first quarter of 2014. The data comes from Opera Mediaworks’ Q1 2014 State of Mobile Advertising report.

Not only did Google steal the number one global mobile ad traffic position from … Read the rest


The most well-known car brands in the world have a lot of brand equity, and in Interbrand’s Top 100 Global Brands of 2013 study, more auto brands (14) made the list than any other category. In fact, 20% of the top 20 global brands according to the 2013 ranking are auto brands: Toyota (10th place), Mercedes-Benz (11th place), BMW (12th place), and Honda (20th place).

Many of these big car brands have logos that are … Read the rest