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For B2B buyers, brand content and third-party content play critical roles in helping them make purchase decisions. Throughout the purchase cycle, B2B buyers at all levels within the organization consume, share, and discuss both brand content and third-party content and rely heavily on it for vendor selection and product and services selection.

A new study from Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and NetLine Corporation found that online content is highly influential for B2B buyers. The … Read the rest

In the past two posts, I’ve examined the investor relations minefield commonly known as guidance – the practice of telling investors what you think future earnings may be.

It is a practice fraught with difficulties, not least of which is that companies often get it wrong. The business of forecasting is, by its very nature, an uncertain one, and the opportunities to go astray are numerous.

However, because the market is focused on future cash … Read the rest

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Marketers are quick to ask each other if they have a mobile-first strategy in place. Although we’re getting closer to widespread adoption of mobile-first strategies, most companies are still trying to catch up with a mobile-always strategy (comScore reported that we had a multi-platform majority last year). Now, there is data from comScore that suggests brand marketers also need a mobile-only strategy for a growing segment of the consumer population.

Using the comScore MMX Multi-Platform … Read the rest


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A new study by Isobel and Cog Research, Happy Brands, reveals that the happiest brands build emotional connections with consumers. The study defined happy brands as having four core characteristics: playfulness, happiness, trustworthiness, generosity, and optimism. A total of 1,250 U.K. consumers ranked one hundred of the largest brands from the biggest market categories on those five characteristics as part of this study, and you can see the … Read the rest