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ipad mobile brand marketing

In a new study by Salesforce’s ExactTarget, 2014 Mobile Behavior Report, nine out of 10 U.S. consumers said that having access to content how and when the want it is either important or very important. More than one out of two consumers (54%) said that it’s easier to find the information they need on mobile websites, but the same percentage of consumers also believe that mobile websites fail to provide enough content.

The study … Read the rest

gmail google

Email marketers got another big surprise from Google last week at the M3AAWG conference in San Francisco when Google’s head of anti-abuse initiatives, Vijay Eranti, announced the launch of the unsubscribe button for Gmail users.

Zach Miners of PCWorld reported that the unsubscribe button will appear in most promotional messages that offer an unsubscribe option. Instead of scrolling and searching for a way to opt-out of receiving those promotional messages, Gmail users can now simply … Read the rest

Facebook like or share

Did you know that people like Facebook posts eight times as often as they share Facebook posts or comment on Facebook posts? However, for brands, Facebook shares are far more valuable than Facebook likes.

That data comes from a research study conducted by Brian Carter and Marketo called Contagious Content, which found that 3.4% of Facebook Page fans share the average post compared to 0.4% who comment on the average post and 0.4% who … Read the rest

Today I want to move from discussing the general aspect of communications in investor relations to one type of communications in particular, that of guidance. 

In a number of ways, companies giving guidance, either on expected revenues or profits, is a mug’s game. If a company gives guidance, and it hits the projected numbers, then they get no credit for it. On the other hand, if the company misses the numbers it guided to, investors … Read the rest

innovation new product development idea

According to the 2014 Media Growth Study from Econsultancy, only three out of 10 companies actually develop new product ideas through formal innovation programs. However, nearly the same number of respondents to the Econsultancy survey also said that new product and service development is expected to be the most important driver of growth over the next two years. Furthermore, more than one out of two top executives also believe that their biggest-selling products three years … Read the rest