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social media marketing kpi tracking spreadsheet

Are your social media marketing investments driving the results you need? Executives will demand that you prove your budget investments are working, but do you know what you should track to get that evidence?

While follower numbers and number of times content is shared can help you build your case, they don’t tell enough of the story. You need to translate those numbers into something meaningful to your executive team if you want to hold … Read the rest

statistics graph

According to an infographic created by Bell Pottinger Wired (shown below), online retail sales in the United Kingdom are expected to increase by 10% each year through 2017. This growth isn’t unique to the U.K. Across the globe, online and mobile sales are on the rise, and the digital marketing landscape is changing to match that shift in consumer buying behaviors.

Using the statistics from the infographic, there appear to be five areas that brand … Read the rest

online shopping bag

Earlier this month, I wrote an article filled with statistics from research studies about online shopping cart abandonment rates. According to the data, the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 67.89%, but overall, 90% of online shoppers have placed items into their online shopping carts but ultimately, left the site without completing their purchases.

Today, I stumbled on an infographic from Vouchercloud, shown below, that is filled with so much great … Read the rest

pinteret pin

Your employees don’t have to do all of the work in executing your social media marketing and content marketing plans. As you build your band of brand advocates who are loyal to your brand and drive word-of-mouth marketing to their own audiences, each one of those brand advocates is a brand marketing opportunity.

Don’t ignore your vocal brand advocates. Embrace them by reaching out and connecting personally. As you build a relationship with them, which … Read the rest

live chat

Adding a live chat feature to your website can improve customer service and reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. While not every customer that visits your brand website will want to use a live chat feature, there are many who will look for it. They’ll expect that they’ll be given multiple choices to get the help they need, and they’ll want the freedom to choose their preferred method for getting answers to their questions within the … Read the rest