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responsive web design

Today, consumers can look at websites on a wide variety of devices from traditional desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. In fact, comScore estimates that by 2017, tablet shipments to consumers will surpass desktop shipments. Already, mobile advertising makes up 41% of Facebook’s revenue and 25% of YouTube’s revenue. You can follow the link to learn more statistics that support a mobile-first strategy.

The world has gone mobile and brand advertisers and brand publishers … Read the rest

mouse arrow click

When Google launched Gmail Tabs in June, brand marketers had reason to be concerned. Suddenly, email marketing messages were automatically removed from the inbox that Gmail users see when they open their email accounts. Instead, email marketing messages were moved from the Primary Tab to a separate Promotions Tab. Gmail users need to click on that Promotions Tab in order to see and read brand email messages.

At first, reports showed that the introduction of … Read the rest

recruitment event

It’s tough to walk through any university campus without spotting at least some flyer, poster or even a live event demonstrating how competitive the graduate job market is at the moment. Though this isn’t ideal for the student population, it’s great news for companies; selecting top talent is obviously much easier if you’ve got a large pool to choose from and there’s definitely a self-perpetuating atmosphere of stiff competition surrounding the big recruiters.

However, until … Read the rest

Students are burdened with a lot of stereotypes and though some of them are most definitely true, many of them are just myths. Aside from the obvious, students are well known for being one of the brightest, most tech-savvy groups in society. Any lecture theatre in the UK will be full of tablets, ultra-thin laptops and, yes, plenty of smartphones all online, almost all connected simultaneously to Twitter, Facebook and multiple e-mail accounts, collectively downloading … Read the rest

social login

Last week, I published an article on the Corporate Eye blog about using big data to generate revenue.  I cited the growing need to implement social logins whenever possible as explained in a white paper from Gigya:

“Users who log in to a website using an existing social identity are essentially granting that website permission to access their first-party social data such as full name, interests, education, social connections, email address, location, and more.”Read the rest