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In the newest part of Syncapse’s Value of a Facebook Fan 2013 report (read about the first part here), you can learn Why Consumers Become Brand Fans. The 9-page report provides the results of Syncapse’s research into 20 major brands, which included putting each brand through its fan valuation model. The report delves deeper into the data released in April 2013, which revealed that the average value of a Facebook Like is $174Read the rest

Today’s post is from Alastair Kane, and looks at potential faux pas for companies in social media.

Social media. The contemporary consumers’ communications channel of choice. Addictive, all-knowing and all-important for maintaining a business’s reputation, social media knows what you’ve done, where you’ve been, and dictates where you’re going – the last thing companies want to do is sabotage their social standing.

But strategised corporate social media is entirely different to social for pleasure. So … Read the rest

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In a letter to search engines and nearly 20 companies providing search tools related to shopping, travel, and so on, the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is calling for search engines to better differentiate ads from organic search results.

Of course, this isn’t a new requirement. However, research found that the shading and other formatting used to offset ad results from organic search results has gotten a bit lighter of late, making those paid … Read the rest

digital retail future

The future of global retail is all about digital and mobile. An infographic from ExactTarget (shown at the end of this article) provides a number of useful statistics to support that claim and proves that an integrated marketing strategy is more important than ever these days.

According to the data, one out of four social media users use their social networks to make buying decisions. More than one out of five consumers conduct a search … Read the rest

Today’s post is written by Dane Cobain, a creative writer who works in social media for fst.

How Search and Social are coming together
(and why marketers should care)

It’s no secret that search engine marketing and social media are growing closer and closer together, and it’s not uncommon for marketers who specialise in one to have some sort of grounding in the other.

Back in 2011, Google introduced a beta version of Google+ … Read the rest